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Luuze in the News: Global TV Health Matters with Su-Ling Goh

I had the absolute privilege to be interviewed by Su-Ling Goh for her Health Matters segment on Global News last week. She tells stories like no other and inspired thousands of you to start your health transformation journey and have Luuze be a part of that. If you haven’t checked out the clip, take a look here (the story is about a minute into the video).

One tiny correction: The story implied that I started with 5 minutes of exercise, and then exercise got fun, but I actually didn’t do any exercise at all at the beginning of my journey. It was only recently that I integrated a consistent exercise routine into my schedule.

At the beginning of my weight loss journey, I wanted there to be no excuses for me to not lose weight. I made my process as simple as possible: weigh myself daily, eat a little less, reflect. I find that exercise, unfortunately, can be one of the biggest excuses that a person uses to not start on their journey, and although exercise is absolutely amazing and should be part of one’s lifestyle, the truth is that weight can be lost even without any exercise at all. It’s just one factor that influences the feedback loop.

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