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Luuze in the News: Edmonton Journal

Forgot to post this one when it was released last week, but better late than never: – it was also cross-published in the Edmonton Sun, and even way out east in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

It’s been a wild week: The story mentioned 1400 users, but since that interview there were over 8000+ downloads, and for a moment, Luuze was in the top 20 in the Apple App Store for Health and Fitness.

A slight correction to the article: you can still use Luuze even after 100 measurements. A subscription is not needed, but my hope is that if you’ve input 100 data points into the app, you’ve seen value in the app and therefore are willing to pay the small price to support the continued development of Luuze.

Hat-tip to Jeff Labine for interviewing me!

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