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Thank you for being an early user of the app! If you need support for any reason, just contact me at and I’ll try to help. Please don’t hesitate to give me any suggestions or feedback about how the app works or doesn’t work. I read every email and use the feedback to improve Luuze.

You can also read some common support questions below:

When you weigh yourself on the scale, obviously you’re not just weighing your fat. You’re also weighing what you’ve recently eaten, your clothes, how much water your body is temporarily retaining, and a ton of other things. The scale can mislead you because you could be doing all of the right things and burning fat correctly, but for some reason, the body decides to retain some extra water, and then shows that your weight is even higher than before, even though you’ve done everything right. This is not only discouraging, it’s a lieYou can read more about why it’s a lie here.

Luuze does some math in the background to smoothen out these water weight variations to give you a more accurate representation of your progress. The calculation is your Trend Weight and is the number that should be compared to your goal weight. If your trend weight is going down over a long period of time, you’re definitely losing weight. If it goes up over a long period of time, it’s important to reflect on why and re-adjust.

Read more about trend weight here.

One of Luuze’s best features is how it visualizes your weight loss journey. You can read more about how it does this and what all of the lines on the chart represent here.

The dashboard can provide you with powerful data on whether or not you are making progress. You can read more about what all the numbers mean here

Today’s Goal is a unique way of representing your goal that breaks down your goal into daily micro-goals. It also allows you to set rules to stay on the yellow line so you methodically reach your goals.

Today’s Goal tells you how much you should weigh if you want to reach your goal weight by your goal date. 

Because today is the first day of your weight loss journey, Today’s Goal will be your current weight. Tomorrow’s Goal will be slightly lower. The goal for the day afterwards will be slightly lower than that. Every day, you get a new micro-goal to try and achieve. 

When I was 240 pounds, my final goal weight of 153 pounds seemed so far away. However, 239.9 pounds didn’t seem far away at all, and that was my goal for the day. Breaking down my goal into micro-goals helped me stay motivated. 

This is a premium feature. When you set a Journey, Luuze will store your goal settings in memory. If you set a new goal for yourself, your prior goal then stays in your weight log. You can view all of your prior Journeys in the Log.

When you go into the app settings, you can add a Defining Motivation that then displays on the chart screen. Read more about the importance of a Defining Motivation here.

Luuze has the ability to set up weigh-in reminders that remind you to weigh-in daily at a certain time of day. You can read more about the benefits of weighing yourself daily here

One of the biggest sources of weight gain is mindless eating. Likewise, one of the best ways to ensure you don’t eat excessively is mindful eating. When you are conscious of the number of calories you are eating, you can better control how many calories you actually eat. You can set up mindful eating reminders in Luuze at the times you typically eat. 

Goal change suggestions pop up when you are 1 kg or 2 lb behind or ahead of your goal weight. These suggestions nudge you to change your goals so you can stay motivated. 

One of the biggest reasons people fail when they lose weight is try to lose weight too fast and then get demotivated when they get off track. Luuze provides recommendations to help you adjust your goals as needed to help you stay on track.

Encouragement popups are the green popups that appear when you hit a new 14 day best weigh-in, get on a weight loss trend weight streak, or pass a milestone. These popups are designed to celebrate your wins and keep you motivated. If you wish, you can disable them by toggling this setting off. 

Coaching Messages appear in the Coach screen and provide you guidance throughout your weight loss journey. You can disable these messages from appearing by toggling this switch off in the settings.

The Trend Weight Sensitivity is a measure of how sensitive the trend weight will change from the most recent measurements. The Default setting is recommended. The Sensitive setting provides a trend weight value biases recent measurements, meaning that the trend weight will be closer to the scale weight, at the sacrifice of more day to day variation. The Smoothed setting biases measurements further away, meaning that the trend will be smoother, but there will be a bigger lag between the trend weight and the scale weight. 

With a Smoothed setting, you may get more trend weight streaks as you lose weight, which can improve motivation. However, your trend weight will lag your scale weight, which may frustrate you if you feel like the trend weight should be closer to your scale weight.

Yes! Join the waitlist by signing up here to tell me you are interested! Every added user will push me closer to finding the time to learn how to program in Java so I can develop the app.

Even without Luuze, I believe that you can start your weight loss journey and gain a lot of value from reading the Luuze Blog and signing up to the Luuze Newsletter. So if you do not have an Apple device, don’t let that stop you from getting started on your weight loss journey!