A simple-to-stick with weight loss process that doesn’t take over your life.

Even after a life-threatening health scare, Andrew didn’t lose weight. After many failures, it felt pointless. 

It all changed when he discovered the root cause of weight gain. Weight loss is about repairing the damaged feedback loop that causes us to overeat. Using his engineering background, he created a simple process that helped him lose 100 pounds even as a busy dad, without restrictive diets or time-consuming exercise.

Andrew’s transformation changed his life and the lives of his loved ones so much that it compelled him to create Luuze to help others break through and transform their lives as well.

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A different take on weight loss, with tracking, coaching, and feedback.

Have you ever felt like giving up on your weight loss journey, seeing the scale go up when you’ve done everything right? Or after regaining the weight after you’ve done all that hard work?

Get supported and take back control. Luuze helps you lose weight permanently by helping you fix the root cause of the problem: the damaged feedback loop. It reduces frustration by converting your weight measurements into a smooth trend weight, keeps you motivated by boosting your confidence and celebrating your wins, and coaches you through the good times and the hard times, helping you hit your goals. 

Luuze also works well with other weight loss methods, such as keto, intermittent fasting, calorie counting, and exercise.

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Break Your Mental Barriers and Lose Weight 

Gain Control

Luuze changes your relationship with the scale. It’s frustrating when you’ve worked hard but the scale lies to you. Luuze separates the signal from the noise to show your true weight loss progress.

Reduce Burden

Luuze can sync with Fitbit, Withings, and Apple Health to reduce the burden of weight tracking. Weigh yourself on a smart scale and the number automatically pops up on the app.

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Feel Supported

Luuze’s virtual coach will guide you every step of the way, explaining things, providing guidance, and asking you questions along the journey to help you better understand your body.

Maintain Motivation

Milestones and weight loss streaks deserve to be celebrated! As you progress with your goals, Luuze balances accountability with positive reinforcement, motivating you to push for the next milestone.

App Features

Trend Weight Calculations

Luuze uses math to get rid of false scale weight spikes, reducing frustration.

Goal Recommendations

No idea where to start? No problem! Luuze can help set up a goal and suggest adjustments along the way.

Smart Scale Syncing

Luuze can sync with Fitbit, Withings, and Apple Health.

Note Recording

Record notes with every weight measurement to remember your wins.

Friendly Coaching

Luuze's virtual coach gently pushes you forward, but doesn't let you off the hook.

Helpful Reminders

Reminders to weigh-in daily, eat mindfully, and to remember why you're trying to lose weight in the first place.

Body Fat Charting

If you have a scale that tracks body fat, Luuze will chart it for you.

And So Much More!

Interactive charting, data import and export, journey tracking, and more!


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