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Andrew’s Interview on Carrie Doll’s Inner Circle Podcast

I’m excited to share my hour-long interview on the Carrie Doll Inner Circle podcast! If you don’t know who Carrie is, she was a beloved news anchor for the CTV Edmonton 6 PM News for 12 years. She is now the host of the Inner Circle, a podcast that has hit #1 in Canada multiple times.

This interview goes deep into my story and talks about:

  • My experiences with being overweight as a kid and how it created an identity that would stay with me for decades
  • More details on the turning point where I realized what my Defining Motivation was to finally take back control of my health
  • The 2 to 20 to 200 technique, a system that has been instrumental in helping me work towards achieving big goals
  • My current journey into entrepreneurship and building Luuze

There’s a lot of new material here that I think you’ll love. Check it out here.

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