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Andrew on CityTV News – The Feedback Loop

Yesterday I had the privilege of being on CityTV News! You can check out the story here:

I’ve still got nerves doing interviews, and I could have done a better job explaining how Luuze fixes your feedback loop, but just like weight loss, sometimes at the beginning it might not look perfect. As we keep developing our skills and working on things however, reflecting on how we could be better, progress is inevitable.

feedback loop simplified
The feedback loop simplified: follow the green arrow, not the red.

To elaborate further, the keys to a successful feedback loop that creates long term success are the following three things:

  • Track your progress accurately: The scale lies, but it’s important to have some sort of measure that allows you to track progress, and track progress regularly so you can actually then get feedback. Luuze calculates trend weight to allow you to track progress accurately.
  • Get positive and honest feedback: Once you break the lies of the scale with trend weight, the data will show you if you are gaining weight or losing weight. If you’re gaining weight, however, don’t despair. Luuze’s messages when you gain weight provide reassurance that you can get right back on track. Often temporary weight gain is not a sign of failure, but something else.
  • Reflect and adjust: Think about what you did the past couple of days that cause weight gain or weight loss. Keep doing what worked and do less of what didn’t work. The detailed messages in Luuze’s virtual coach also inspire further reflection.

Weight loss is a skill, and as you keep getting feedback, you build this skill. That’s why the feedback loop works!

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