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Andrew Luu Live with Angela Kokott on CHQR 770

Click above to listen to the interview I had with Angela Kokott on 770 CHQR! Angela was a great interviewer–although I had nerves (it was my first ever live interview), she did a great job helping me communicate what Luuze is all about.

I also quite enjoyed the post-conversation she had with call-ins. There were some key points from the post-interview discussion worth highlighting:

Diets Work if You Can Stick With Them

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: only a permanent lifestyle change creates permanent weight loss. Keto works. IF works. But you’ll gain the weight back if you go off the diet and you haven’t fixed your feedback loop. Hey if you can turn a diet into a lifestyle (and many people have done this with success), awesome! But if you don’t, instead make environmental changes.

Restriction Causes Mental Anguish

Listening to Bill talk about how he was feeling guilty at a McDonald’s, and then hearing how Angela’s husband sometimes acts like he’s cheated on her with the guilt he gets when he eats at Harvey’s made me laugh. It also reminded me that so many people fail on a weight loss journey because food restrictions pummel their motivation. In the end, if restriction works for you, all the power to you! If it doesn’t, however. Take a look at the article, The Joy to Calorie Ratio, for my thoughts on food restriction and food enjoyment.

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