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What Are All the Lines on Luuze’s Chart?

One of Luuze’s best features is its chart. It visualizes your progress and helps compare your progress to your goals. Here’s an explanation of what all the lines on the chart mean:

screenshot of chart describing the lines
  1. The blue dots and blue line is your trend weight, the number that is most important to focus on during your weight loss journey.
  2. The grey dots are your scale weight measurements. They are connected to the blue trend line by green or red candle lines. Try to ignore these because the scale lies. You can even hide the gray dots and candle lines by going to Settings -> Adjust Visuals.
  3. The dashed blue line is a projection of your weight in the future, based on your most recent trend weight.
  4. The yellow line is your goal line over time. It shows you how much you should weigh today if you want to reach your goal by the date you put into the app, assuming your weight loss was constant. Comparing this yellow line to the blue line can be extremely powerful, allowing you to use simple rules to manage your weight.
  5. The dotted green and red lines are limit lines, which can be enabled by going to Settings -> Adjust visuals. They help support you not getting too off track from your goal. 

Use Luuze’s visualizations to help you better understand your weight loss progress. I also found value in occasionally scrolling back through my history, reminding myself there were continuous ups and downs, and that I’ve also come a long way from when I was 250 pounds

Andrew's 100 pound weight loss journey
Andrew's 100 lb journey over three years.

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