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Luuze in the News: CBC Radio Active

On January 11, I was on CBC Radio Active, as part of a larger segment on weight loss apps:

CBC Radio active host Adrienne pan

The clip was an objective view of how Luuze works at a high level, although I could have done a better job explaining the nuances of the feedback loop and how I help users discover what weight loss method works for them.

There was an interesting statement that was made. The co-host stated that he spoke to a doctor and she mentioned that when it comes to weight loss, “there are multiple factors… for some people it’s mental, for others it could be a thyroid issue, for others it could be environment… so those need to be addressed… medically.

I don’t think that Dr. Rena LaFrance, the doctor they interviewed for the segment, would say that all weight factors need to be addressed medically. Near the end of the segment, she was pretty clear that if an app works for a person, all the power to them (and I have plenty of examples of success stories that did not need medical intervention, myself included).

When I first listened to the segment I felt that they were putting weight loss apps at odds with medical opinion. After a second listen, I am pretty happy with how Dr. Rena LaFrance spoke in regards to weight loss philosophies like Luuze.

Andrew’s Thoughts From the CBC Radio Active Segment

She brought up some good points, that I am aligned with:

  • She mentioned that weight loss is a multi-faceted issue. I totally agree with this.
  • It was mentioned that the feedback loop is complicated. It is, but complicated doesn’t mean unsolvable.
    • As complicated as it is, we need to find a way to resolve this feedback loop so we can maintain a weight that is healthy for us, otherwise… we won’t. Solving complicated problems can often be done slowly and methodically.
  • She mentioned that there are times where medical assistance is necessary, and I agree with this as well.

All in all, I appreciated the different perspective that was provided in this CBC Radio Active interview. I recommend you give it a listen so you can come to your own conclusions!

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