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Goal Achieved

You’ve achieved your goal. Whether your goal was 5 pounds, 105 pounds, or even more, congratulations! This is a big win, and it’s important to recognize what you’ve accomplished. Your ability to do this cannot be denied and the hard work you have put in has paid off.

One thing you should now do is adjust your goal in the Luuze app settings to either set a new weight target or to change the goal to the weight maintenance setting.


  • Weight loss is possible. You are somebody that has the ability to lose weight.
  • You are somebody that can achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
  • The same process of setting a goal, tracking your progress, and doing things every day that move you towards that goal can be done with many other aspects of life, beyond weight loss. Everything great was done one step at a time.


  • You achieved your goals. How did you do it? What are your biggest lessons?
  • If you are now looking to maintain your weight, how can you continue to do the things that helped you lose weight so you do not regain your weight?
  • Now that you have achieved your goal, has your Defining Motivation changed? Do you need to adjust it?
  • One journey has ended, but another one has just begun. What will your next health-related goal be? Will it be to lose more weight, maintain this new weight, or to accomplish something else, like training for a fitness event or improving your strength?


  • Many people regain their weight once they achieve their weight loss goals, largely because they go back to their old habits and old lifestyle. Others regain weight because they lost weight through unsustainable methods. To effectively sustain your weight, you will need to implement a method that works for you. Read this article to better understand why this can be hard for people and how to ensure you don’t fall into the same trap.

Andrew’s Story:

When I achieved my goal, I was pretty proud of myself. My wife and I went out to celebrate with a huge meal, one that I deserved, after a long 1000+ day journey. We ordered a ton of food and then went out to dessert afterward, and I ate more. That would be the last time I weighed under 153 pounds.

Andrew’s journey down, then back up, but then back down again, with some stabilization.

Because I no longer had a weight loss goal, weight loss became less of a focus in my life. I stopped doing the things that I did while I was losing weight, being less conscious of my eating habits. My father also passed away in December 2018, and that caused a lot of stress. A promotion to a stressful job didn’t help with weight loss either. The weight crept back up.

I still felt healthy, but at around 175 pounds, I started noticing that all of my clothes were getting tight. In August 2019, I also broke my collarbone during a cycling accident, requiring surgery and giving me a stark reminder that health was paramount. It was then that I decided that it was time to stop the upwards trend and start losing weight again.

Since then, I’ve lost weight again. I’ve also started a strength training program that has changed some of my weight from fat to muscle. My weight still goes up and down, but whenever my weight goes above 170 pounds, Luuze and daily weigh-ins help me realize this so I get back to good habits to bring the weight back down. The lifestyle I have to control my weight is one that is sustainable and manageable.

The lessons I learned (and am still learning) is that at least for me, weight management is a continuous journey, and if I stop thinking about my Defining Motivation, stop tracking my weight, or don’t set goals for myself, I can easily regain the weight. This may sound like hard work, but tools like Luuze make it easy for me to stay on track. The work that it takes to continuously weigh a level that is healthy is absolutely worth the benefits it brings.