Simplify Weight Loss Through Simple Rules

Weight loss can be super complicated. We’re all so different, what works for one person might not for another. However, we are often our own worst enemies, overthinking and overcomplicating weight loss.

Use Luuze to Simplify Weight Loss

One of Luuze’s features is detailed charting. Luuze uses the chart to visualize where you should be at a current point in time. It also provides you with a target weight for the current day. You don’t have to worry about the 5, 10, or 100 pounds you want to lose. Instead, focus on the next micro-goal, which is only a fraction of a pound away.

Chart explaining how Luuze can support weight loss through implementation of simple rules.
1: Today’s goal, calculated by Luuze. 2: A yellow line on the chart visualizing your goal weight over time.

The beauty of this setup is that as long as you stick with the yellow goal line, reaching your goal weight is inevitable. You can set some simple rules to stick with the yellow line. For example, here’s an example of some simple rules I had:

  1. I had to weigh myself every day.
  2. No snacks if my scale weight was two pounds over my target weight for the day. Meal portions were cut in half, and I was only allowed to go out for dinner if I had an important social obligation.
  3. On the flip side, eat whatever I want if my scale weight was two pounds below my target weight (if I wanted to). This was an important rule to keep my sanity during my weight loss journey.

An Example Using Real Life Data

I’ll explain with some real life data, with my weight chart from back in April 2016:

A chart of Andrew's weight loss in April 2016, showing how he adhered to simple rules to stay on track.
Grey dots are the weight measurements from the scale. Whenever they were below/above the limit lines, my rules triggered.

On April 16th, I was over two pounds ahead of my goal weight, so I ate whatever I wanted (and probably overdid it). By April 22 I was now over 2 pounds behind my goal weight, so I had to cut back. A few days of cutting back allowed me to get right back on track. Tracking the data daily by weighing myself daily allowed me to keep track of my goal, allowing me to never get too far off track with cheat meals or overeating.

To be clear, I don’t support yo-yo dieting. More often than not, I just stuck with trying to be under the yellow line, when then gave me freedom, and most of the time I didn’t take advantage of that freedom. The rules kept me on the straight and narrow.

Furthermore, what also allowed me to stick with my weight loss journey for so long was that my rule #3 above that let me eat whatever I wanted… but only if I was ahead of my goals. Many people give up on weight loss because they feel so restricted on a diet. I only had restrictions if I was behind on my goal, which then motivated me to stay ahead of my goal!

Simple Rules Make Things Easier to Follow

These simple rules cut out all of the complexity of weight loss and supported my 100 pound weight loss. Yes, finding ways to follow the rules can be challenging. But if you can find a way to follow the three rules you will achieve your weight loss goals!

Add the red and green dashed limit lines on the chart by going into Settings -> Adjust Visuals -> Enable Limit Lines. Change the Limit Line value to one that fits the rules you decide to create.

PS: As an engineer, I can’t help but mention the nerdy side of all of this: a lot of Luuze was designed based on my experience with manufacturing engineering, and dealing with Statistical Process Control Charts.

Luuze is a Roadmap and Headlights for Your Weight Loss Journey

A weight loss journey can be like driving on a long highway, and sometimes in the dark. You can’t see your destination which may be hundreds of miles away. But as long as you stay on the road and have a map of where you are going, eventually, you will reach your destination. So how do you stay on the road? With rules: stay in the lane, drive the right speed, follow the signs.

Luuze can help you create the road map with its goal suggestions and light up the road with its charting. If you create rules to follow the road and follow them, you will hit your goals. Stick with the process, stay in the lines, and in time, you’ll have reached your destination.

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