I was talking to a successful business owner yesterday that started using my app and he said a funny thing. He mentioned that he struggled with motivation and commitment. 

I sympathized with him and I think many of us can. A lot of people believe that they don’t have the willpower or commitment necessary to lose weight. I certainly didn’t have the commitment or willpower to stick with weight loss in my 20s, and that’s a large reason why I was class II obese.

After thinking about it, however, I realized that my business owner friend had tons of willpower and commitment. Enough to endure the immense stress of starting his own business and committing to making it succeed. That is HARD. Not too many people can do that. 

The Truth About Motivation and Commitment

Here’s the truth: WE ALL CAN BE MOTIVATED AND COMMITTED. I was pretty motivated and committed to my career, enough to become a manager when I was in my 20s. When I was a kid, I was motivated and committed to video games, playing them for hours on end. I think we can all find one example where we were motivated and committed somewhere.

For many of us, it’s not a lack of motivation and commitment that’s holding us back. It’s a lack of motivation and commitment FOR OUR HEALTH that’s holding us back. These are two very different situations. If we feel like we aren’t motivated or committed, then it’ll be easy for us to give up. If we know we can be motivated and committed, then we can pivot that motivation and commitment to the area that we want success in. This perspective switch helped me believe, and belief is a critical part of success.

(For some of us we are actually quite motivated and committed to weight loss – if this is you and you’re still struggling, be sure to read this post).

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In my 20s, I had motivation and commitment, but not to my health. That changed in my 30s.

Pivot Your Commitment

The question is not if we are motivated or committed. We can be, and our past success has proven that. The question is how do we translate that motivation and commitment to this certain aspect of our lives: our health? When we start to begin to realize that our health and well being is paramount and that for many of us losing weight actually is directly related to our health, well-being, and longevity, we can then unleash the motivation and commitment that we DO have inside ourselves, refocusing it onto what should be our top priority. When I did this I finally got started on my weight loss journey, and eventually lost 100 lbs.

For me, I was able to do this because I created an important defining motivation for myself that helped me realize the importance of my health.

Another reason I was able to succeed was that I was okay with going slow. I didn’t actually take much of a shift! In my 100 lb weight loss journey, The only commitments I made to myself at the beginning was to weigh myself daily and eat just a tiny bit less than what I usually eat. No commitment to a restrictive diet. No commitment to an exercise routine that I’d be at risk of burning out on, especially as a new dad with a stressful job. I designed Luuze to be simple to get people started. It focuses on the root cause of weight gain and does not commit you to restrictive diets or lengthy exercise routines.

You Already Have It In You To Succeed

So if you’ve succeeded in anything in life but you tell yourself that you don’t have the commitment or motivation to lose weight even though you want to, change your perspective. Realize that you actually do have the power to succeed. Shift a bit of that inherent motivation and commitment already inside of you to the improvement of your health. Realize that it doesn’t actually take much to get started. Use the Luuze app and keep it simple to start, weighing yourself daily, integrating some micro-lifestyle changes, and improving your health as you progress on your weight loss journey.

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  1. I did notice throughout your articles there is no mention of age. Just for your information I am 75 years old and believe I have to be in shape to enjoy the lifestyle that I have chosen, which is travelling with my bride and my passion for golf.

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