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Trend Weight Streak!

You’re on a trend weight loss streak! Whatever you are doing, it is helping you lose weight.


  • You’re successfully losing weight and moving towards accomplishing your goals.
  • If your process is something you can do in a healthy and sustainable matter on a regular basis, stick with it and you will certainly see continued weight loss over time.
  • If what you’re doing to lose weight is sustainable and you’ve had a trend weight loss streak for over a week or longer, then recognize that no matter what people say or what you may think to yourself on your bad days, you can lose weight.
  • The downwards trend of your recent weigh-ins matters more than a single scale measurement that moves your trend weight up.


  • How does this trend weight loss streak make you feel? How can you maintain your motivation and keep the streak going?
  • Are there any upcoming events or situations that may break this streak? What are you going to do about that?
  • How can you remember your success here so you can be reminded that you have it in you to lose weight? This will come in handy if in the future you hit a plateau.


  • The way the Luuze works will allow you to fake a trend weight streak if you weigh yourself multiple times a day. There is generally no need to weigh yourself multiple times a day and once in the morning is generally the best frequency.
  • A temporary lifestyle change leads to temporary weight loss, a permanent lifestyle change can lead to permanent weight loss. Is what you are doing to lose weight something you can envision being sustainable for the rest of your life? If it is not, you may be at risk for regaining the weight once you stop doing it.

Andrew’s Story:

A 41 day long trend weight streak on my journey.

Trend weight streaks were a huge contribution to my weight loss success. Let’s be real–weight loss can be a long slog. The fact that it can suck can be a big reason why people give up and stop bothering–the work and the pain doesn’t seem to be worth the reward. (wrong, it IS worth it). As these trend weight streaks began, however, I started getting excited to go on the scale in the morning, to see if my upcoming weigh-in could keep my weigh-in streak going. It actually started becoming fun, and when things are fun, it’s easier for them to become habits. Are you on a streak right now? Does it make you motivated! Share your good news with me!