About Andrew, Creator of Luuze

Andrew in 2015 on the left, Andrew in 2018 on the right.

I’m Andrew Luu, creator of the FREE Weight Loss Coach app, Luuze. I created this app to help people avoid the frustrations that happen when trying to lose weight. I want to help you succeed with your weight loss goal, just as I succeeded when I lost 100 pounds.

I can help you with losing weight because I’ve done it myself.

Have you struggled with losing weight? Frustrated with the pounds coming back even after you’ve spent months eating healthier and exercising more? Or decided not to even try because you’ve felt that the benefits weren’t worth the work? I certainly have, for almost my entire life.

Even as a child, I was overweight. I went through countless periods where I tried to lose weight but gained it back. Through decades of failed attempts and points where I didn’t even bother trying, nothing really changed.

In 2015, I figured weight loss out. With countless failures under my belt, hundreds if not thousands of hours of research filtering the bullshit out there about weight loss, and a mindset shift when I realized weight loss was actually a winnable game, I started on my three-year weight loss journey, eventually losing over a hundred pounds.

I’ve since transformed myself into a totally different person who is living a healthy, active life. But I’m not special. You too, have the ability to do this.

For decades I thought it would be too hard and not worth the work. But do you know what? Once I figured it out, it was actually a lot easier than I imagined it to be. 

A strange thing happened as I started to lose weight. My colleagues and friends started asking me how I did it. After I shared my simple techniques with them, a lot of them started losing weight too. I started realizing that I was on to something.

You can figure out how to lose weight too, and I can help. You can do this with less struggle and frustration than me, because my app, Luuze, has distilled all of the lessons I have learned to help you on your journey. 

How I Lost a Hundred Pounds

My weight loss journey, from October 2015 to August 2018.

So how did I actually do it? It was not a fancy diet. It wasn’t through exercise either. In fact I did ZERO exercise for most of the journey, although I started exercising for health, later. I detail my journey a bit more here, but here are some of the key reasons I succeeded in losing a hundred pounds:

  • I defined a weight loss goal and timeframe that made sense for me and was realistic for my situation.
  • I recognized my strengths and weaknesses and found a way to create a caloric deficit not through some wacky diet or through intense exercise, but through methods that were right for me, my social life, and my lifestyle. In time, I added exercise to my lifestyle, once I was ready.
  • I found a way to measure my progress towards my goal in a meaningful fashion.
  • I created a Defining Motivation for myself that kept me going throughout my long journey.

Luuze Can Help You With All of This, for FREE

I took the lessons I learned from my failures and successes and put them into my free app Luuze for everyone to benefit. Through Luuze, you can:

  • Set a reasonable weight loss goal, with automatic guidance to adjust your goal throughout your journey if needed.
  • Provide you with coaching messages that allow you to reflect on the methods that work for YOU to lose weight.
  • Measure your weight loss progress in a meaningful fashion, using smoothing technology that takes out the frustration from huge scale measurement fluctuations.
  • Set a Defining Motivation and have Luuze regularly remind you about why you want to lose weight in the first place.

All of this for FREE. You’ve got nothing to lose, except for the pounds off your waist!